June 2020 COVID-19 Update


The Paradise Adventist Church is committed to complying with federal, state and county guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic.


We have closed our office and are working remotely instead. We have been blessed by the talents of some very dedicated individuals who have created our online services over the past few months, and we have conducted our business meetings online to minimize contact and reduce the risk of spreading this virus. We believe that our efforts have been effective during this outbreak, and we encourage you to continue to focus on how you and your family can stay safe and healthy.

We value the health and safety of our church families, our students and our neighbors, and we continue to follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, the California Department of Public Health, our local Butte County Public Health Department and the Northern California Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists. We will continue to monitor public health mandates and recommendations, and we will notify you when our policies and practices change.   

Although we have not been meeting in person, we are expecting that the guidelines will soon be allowing gatherings, such as in-person church services, in structured and defined ways.  As we determine the best steps to take in resuming these activities, we are keeping in mind all the various aspects of social distancing, hand sanitizing, and other recommendations that will affect our ability to once again gather together as a church family.  

We ask for your prayers for wisdom and courage as we once again begin to chart a future for our church family in this unique and unprecedented situation.

The PAC pastors and office staff are still available by phone or via the contact form on our website (paradiseadventist.org). The office phone number is 530-877-4454. We are remotely checking for messages.

We encourage you to continue to follow the simple health care guidelines provided by the CDC and medical experts. These include: 

  • Wash your hands carefully with soap and water for no less than 20 seconds; use sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol when washing hands is not possible.

  • Cover your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing. Do not cough into your elbow or sleeve as the virus stays on fabrics for long periods of time.

  • Maintain a safe distance from others—no less than six feet; avoid shaking hands, giving hugs, etc.

  • Sanitize your living and work areas daily.

  • Stay at home if you are sick.

  • If you have any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, call your doctor for medical advice. Stay at home in isolation unless you are having a medical emergency (i.e. trouble breathing).

As always, we urge all our members to stay connected with family, friends, and church members through phone calls, texts, emails, social media, etc. We can encourage and support one another through these avenues of communication—and through prayer.