Farewell to Pastor Garrison and Family

We are sad to report that our Youth Pastor, Garrison Chaffee and his family, are going to be taking a leave of absence from the Paradise Adventist Church. However, we fully understand and respect their need for taking the time right now to care for their own needs as a family.

When the Chaffees moved to Paradise in 2015, they brought with them an energy that was invigorating to church members of all ages, and they have continued to share their spiritual gifts since then, without hesitation.  Even the Camp Fire did not seem to slow them down much. Garrison’s focus on Love Paradise has ensured that our community has benefitted from a variety of projects such as community service days to clean and beautify local public spaces, fresh well water and home kits following the Camp Fire, and so much more. Merilyn’s talents in encouraging young people to participate with musical presentations and her own musical gifts have enriched our services and programs. They have given much to our church family, and we are very grateful.

Now, they need to take a step away from ministering to us as a church family, and we support their decision. We know that whatever happens during these coming months, they will find God is leading them. We ask that you join us in asking for God’s richest blessings for Garrison, Merilyn, Lilliana, Makayla and Grayson as they take this leave of absence, and give them peace and comfort as they determine the best steps for their future.

A special farewell is planned for church on July 18, and you are invited to bring a note to be shared with the Chaffee Family. If you are unable to attend in person, you may contact the church office to get your note shared appropriately.